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On Feminism and Feminists of Myanmar's Freedom Struggle, Asia Art Tours Podcast

I talked with Matt at Asia Art Tour for a discussion on growing up in Myanmar & Myanmar's freedom struggle against a brutal military dictatorship. The main theme of our discussion is on Feminism as it relates to the protests vs. patriarchy as it relates to the Military & Buddhist Nationalists in Myanmar.

Some of our conversation points are:

- The history of Feminism in Myanmar and past freedom struggles.

- Feminist tactics of resistance in the current protests.

- How Feminists in the country saw the rule of Aung San Suu Kyi

- How Patriarchy is a negative solidarity between the Military & Buddhist Nationalists

- And how Feminists globally can support Myanmar's freedom struggle without talking over local feminists.

To help Myanmar and its protesters, Chu recommended the following resources:

1. Mutual Aid Myanmar

2. I support Myanmar

3. Chu is also a member of the diasporic activist collective called Baydar.

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