I am one of the team members and collaborators for the GEAR (Gender, Equality, and Anti-Racism) project based in University of Massachusetts Boston. As part of the team, I write bi-monthly blogs on the issues of post-coloniality, racism, and gender. Check out our team and for potential collaborations here!

I am the freelance content creator and translator for Burmese with the SEAD, a non-profit organization for Southeast Asian immigrant communities, based in Minneapolis, MN. I am currently working on the Covid19 care package project for Burmese communities in the US.


I am one of the founding members for Doa-a-Yae, a diasporic grassroots activist organization promoting awareness on the issues of civil rights in Burma. In the past, Doa-a-Yae has organized various campaigns concerning ethnoreligious conflicts in Burma.

I am one of the 2020-21 cohort members for the CU Boulder Engaged Arts & Humanities Fellowship. I am currently developing a community engaged project based in  the Front Range area, Colorado. I am interested in exploring community partnership for a storytelling and documentary project with the local immigrant communities in Aurora, CO. Please contact me if you are a community organization based in CO and interested in collaborating.


As Director at CU Boulder Literacy Practicum Program from 2017 to 2019, I worked closely with the community literacy organizations such as The Family Learning Center in Boulder, CO; The Boulder Public Library; CU Boulder Linguistics Department; University Hill Elementary School; and CU Boulder Student-Worker Alliance Program to foster a volunteering partnership between the university students and those organizations.

I am a scholar committed to public learning and scholarship. I am available for facilitating workshops and conversations on anthropology of race, white privilege and white supremacy in academia. I have also published various blogs and Op-Ed articles on these issues. I have also organized public reading groups.

Contact me for more info.

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I am available for free mentoring support for people of color who are interested in learning more about surviving and thriving in higher education in Social Sciences. For the past two years, I have been the CU Boulder Graduate School Peer Mentor and the Institute of Behavioral Science NSF GRFP grant application mentor. Contact me with your questions!

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